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About me

I am a full stack 29 year old Web Developer residing in Garsfontein, Pretoria East. My experience has lead me to maintain an excellent skill set in both front-end and back-end development. I have spent just over 6 years applying my skill set on project planning, UX, designing eye-candy interfaces, crafting the front-end with clean written HTML and CSS and building a sustainable, structured back-end systems in PHP & MySQL.

I believe that the best skills development comes from hands on experience and not only learning how to, but also why you would implement certain technologies and logical structure behind design and development.

I am grateful to have had excellent mentors through my career, sharing their knowledge and dedication amongst the team during projects. I also believe that sharing your skills amongst team members, motivates decision making and delivering the best end product possible.



  • Web Development

    - Building and maintaining designated layers of web with HTML & CSS
    - Design and development of SaaS web applications
    - ERP Systems with PHP & MySQL
    - JavaScript, AJAX & JQuery
  • Design

    - UX Strategies
    - UI Design
    - ERPS & SaaS UI designs
    - Content layout and planning
    - User interfaces
    - Digital and print format designs for marketing
  • Tools

    - Photoshop CC
    - Submlime Text
    - .less
    - Bootstrap/Responsive Web Applications
    - HTML5 Boilerplate
    - Wordpress

*I am eager to learn anything new that can enhance my development skills. I just started diving deeper into learning Javascript & JQuery skills, I can implement JS and JQuery code on projects but I'm still learning how to build on custom Javascript & JQuery programs.



Recent Development Projects

I put together a small list of development projects for the past few months. All the development projects listed are In-House systems and not available for preview. I can however discuss my process flow & technologise that I used.
  • Harvest

    Leads & Management.

  • Finance CSI

    Customer Information System for Finance Applications

  • Nubourne Tech Referrals

    Affiliate Platform.

  • Vehicle Management System

    Vehicle Assets & Stock list.

Recent Design & Front-End Projects



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